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For over 10 years, we have been committed to providing the most secure and environmentally compliant IT hardware recycling services for companies experiencing changes in their IT equipment needs. We enable our clients to focus on growing their business because they have us to help get rid of their old, obsolete, end of life computers and e-waste. We have been recycling all types of electronics, focusing on data security, reuse, and environmentally responsible recycling. Our team spent over a decade working on IT projects for Government and commercial companies. Having experience working on defense, justice, and telecom IT projects plays an important role in identifying potential security risks in recycling IT equipment. We offer clients a way to get rid of hazardous materials in a way that is convenient and easily accessible, without posing a negative threat to the environment. Our core business is the provision of finest quality deployment, rollout projects and maintenance contracts. The corporate objective is to become a business partner and the supplier of choice for our clients. Our Certified experts have set the standards for excellence in e-waste disposals. Specialized in e-Cycling end of life and end of lease IT equipment. We are proud trusted business partner and advisor to a number of corporate incorporations globally. We provide quality at a competitive price, within required time frames by spending time and effort with clients to understand the scope of the project. With proven expertise to provide an end-to-end ICT service our project solution offers one stop shop consisting the onsite deployment & relocation, hardware configuration, scheduled or ongoing support, certified on or off site data cleansing, asset management, decommissioning, disposal and maximum financial reimbursement. Understanding the scope of our clients IT project, we provide quality and deliver within the required time frame. The dedication is to our customers and clients


Obsolete, End of Life, Non-Working IT hardware equipment
End of Lease IT hardware from leasing companies
E-waste from Government Departments & Nationwide Businesses


On-Site and Off-Site Hard Drives Shredding
Competitive Recycling Services, Comprehensive Asset Reports & Destruction Certificates

Accepting a wide variety of used equipment from all major brand names, we process used computer equipment in our nationwide facilities. With highly experienced employees we have the knowledge and expertise to securely manage the transition of your end of life equipment into new hands by being affordably refurbished or in cases where equipment cannot be salvaged, environmentally and responsibly recycled. We also work to convey the best profit for your surplus gear. Our facility is operated under a Management System that provides a mechanism for developing, documenting, implementing, reviewing operations and assures that all Focus Materials are processed that meet SERI standards. The policy has been established to be appropriate to the purpose, size, context nature, scale, environmental impacts, EHSMS risks & opportunities of the organization’s activities and services in accordance with the scope of the EHSMS. We are committed to:

  • Comply with and fulfill all applicable legal and data security requirements
  • Continually improve upon the effectiveness of the EHSM System to enhance Environmental Health and Safety
  • Environment Protection: Increase reuse of electronic assets, prevention of pollution & increase recycling of EOL materials
  • Providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health
  • Providing framework, developing and maintaining a Procedure for Establishing and achieving Objectives & Targets for Environment and OH&S
  • Follow Re-use, recover and dispose hierarchy throughout the recycling chain
  • Eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks
  • Consultation and participation of workers, and where they exist, workers’ representatives

The EHSMS policy is communicated within the organization through training and postings. It is available to the interested parties as defined Communication Procedure.

Assignment of Responsibility and Authority:

It is our policy that whenever a Procedure or Work Instruction assigns responsibility and authority for the performance of a task, the responsible party may delegate performance of the task to anyone they choose, providing they ensure that the:

  • Assignment is clear to and understood by the appointee
  • Appointee is competent to perform the task
  • Results of the work performed meet the requirements