Government Departments

When recycling IT assets for the government, eRecyc focuses on the physical security of collected IT assets, hard drive shredding, security and asset tag removal, and environmentally friendly recycling.


Our unique and economical IT asset recycling solutions meet the budgetary and technological needs of educational institutions. We fully understand, thus managing, how important it is to safeguard students and institutions sensitive data.

Health Care

Electronic waste collected from any health care facility is recycled responsibly. Devices with sensitive patient or organizational information are destroyed following HIPAA compliance procedures.

Financial Services

We have vast experience working with the financial segment. We are a well-versed corporation in the science of recycling IT assets and secure data destruction.


The experience working with large corporations in various industries means we know exactly what it takes to design and implement a large-scale IT asset recycling program.

Data Center

We offer customized recycling solutions for data centers. With our fully documented process, our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each project, whether it’s a one-rack or a thousand-rack environment.