it asset disposition

We promise the quality. Many vendors treat IT hardware returns as individual & disjointed transactions. It is the vendor’s responsibility to shorten the link from return origination to ultimate disposal, re-deployment or re-sale. Typical activities include collection of used, damaged, old, unwanted or outdated hardware, obsolete equipment disposition and asset recovery. Once a product has been collected, there are many disposal options from which to choose. If the product has not been used it may be resold to a new customer, or it may be disposed through proper channel. If it is not of sufficient quality to be sold through either of these options, then it is recycled in environmental friendly manner. eRecyc has developed a coherent and consistent process for assisting clients with their IT hardware disposal challenges. We look forward to developing a reverse logistics solution tailored to your unique requirements.

Onsite Decommissioning Services
  • Disconnect IT hardware assets from power and network
  • Record serial numbers and barcodes for reporting purposes
  • Remove to central on-site location
  • Palletizing or packing for transport
Delivery to eRecyc Premises

Using our extensive national network of logistics partners we will collect assets from any location in USA and securely transport them back to our closest warehouse. The services include:

  • Collect from nominated location, boxed or un-boxed
  • Transport to our warehouses
  • Unload from transport
Asset Registration

On receipt at our premises assets details and specifications are recorded in our Asset Management System and all items are barcoded and logged for tracking and reporting purposes. The registration process consists:

  • Match incoming assets to vendor job number
  • Affix barcode to each asset
  • Scan asset details into Asset Management System
  • Capture asset specifications and details
  • Assets are physically checked for appearance, operability and completeness
  • All labels and identity labels are removed
  • Diagnostic check on all
  • Condition and damages recorded
  • Report prepared for client
Hard Drives Shredding & Data Sanitization

We shred the hard drives both on and off-site. Other options include 3-pass wiping to NIST 800-88 standards with verification.

  • Certification of all hard drives shredded
  • Run erasure program for agreed number of overwrite passes
  • Drivers can be removed for retention if necessary
Environmental & Occupational Health

eRecyc understands our clients obligations to operate in a way that advances sustainability and mitigates environmental impact. Our goal is to ensure that we assist our clients in meeting their commitments to improve their environmental performance. eRecyc is a Endorsed. All assets that test faulty or by agreement, have no commercial value will be disposed of in accordance with environmental best practice with no input into landfill. eRecyc provides reports certifying details of all assets that have been environmentally disposed.

Re-marketing and Re-deployment Services

All assets that pass testing and are considered end of life, can be:

  • Held in quarantine for future re-deployment to nominated client sites or for other purposes
  • Purchased by eRecyc and re-marketed into our network of local and global buyers
  • Set aside for collection for donation to the client’s preferred charity
Asset Audits

As part of an ongoing asset management process, it may be necessary to conduct physical asset audits. Following an agreed Scope of Works plan, audit staff will prepare a schedule to visit all nominated sites to locate and record agreed asset details of specified equipment. Barcode stickers can also be attached and recorded during the audit. On completion, a final report in the agreed format is produced.

Fleet Management

For vendors who provide customers with demonstration models prior to purchase, eRecyc has a comprehensive demonstration fleet management solution. Our comprehensive demonstration fleet management program provides the following services to vendors:

  • Creation and control of demonstration fleet asset register
  • Addition of new assets and/or new models as required
  • Pick and dispatch demonstration assets to customer premises
  • Report on location of all demonstration assets
  • Collect demonstration assets at end of trial period and return to our closest facility
  • Asset registration
  • Inspection and testing
  • Clean and prepare the asset (include replenish toner etc for printers)
  • Re-package and store the asset for the next customer trial
  • Purchase and re-marketing of assets retired from demonstration fleet

Details of all demonstration assets will be readily available online, providing the current location and condition of each asset in the demonstration fleet. The benefits are:

  • Comprehensive online report all assets in the demonstration fleet-location and condition
  • Quickly determine the age and condition of assets, and when it should be retired from the fleet
  • Optimize the use of the existing fleet without adding more assets
  • All demonstration assets arrive at client sites in premium condition
  • Assists you to make decisions regarding optimal number of assets in the fleet and when to retire them
  • Simple means to recover the value of all assets retired from demonstration fleet