e-waste management

We are proud to be one of the leading E-waste Recycling & Secure Data Destruction company in USA. We are R2, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Certified. Offering Nationwide Pickups, Secure Data Destruction, Certified IT hardware disposal and IT Asset Re-marketing services. We safely dispose old, unwanted and end of life IT hardware equipment in an ecologically responsible way and offer a maximized financial return based on the value of your equipment. Process includes:

Assessment and Recommendation. Our clients make preference with solid confidence and assurance. The evaluation team delivers reliable base line for your end of life or lease IT hardware recycling project. Prior commencing, we always provide thorough onsite or on-call range of options to assist dealing with your electronic waste and secure destruction of sensitive data.

Nationwide Logistics. We collect and handle the equipment nationwide. The obsolete IT equipment is removed from clients desk and securely packed for safe transit. Premium packing material and techniques are used so every item is safe and sound while transportation. Items are loaded onto our customized trolleys, minimizing the overall time we spend at your premises. Once collected, we are solely responsible for protecting hardware and the confidential data inside hard drives.

Collect and Hold. To further assist our clients, we offer collect and hold service. This helps our clients getting rid of their old computers equipment and get recycling process later. Upon further instructions from clients the collected hardware is inspected and digitally entered into our secured online portal and processed accordingly. Simply click Book Pickup link above.

Hard Drive Destruction. Securely managing your confidential data and information on the hard drives throughout its lifecycle, is key to ensuring your information is destroyed responsibly. We revolutionized the data destruction with enhanced tracking capabilities throughout the process and offers a variety of secure data destruction services to help you properly destroy confidential and sensitive information. Shredding carries out Physical Destruction of hard drives and other storage devices to the Government security standards and an itemized Certificate of Destruction is provided.

Asset Management. Our established new technology supported and modern warehouses are working on filing, scanning and checking items electronically into our patented online system ePortal (Asset Tracking and Warehousing System). Any Serial numbers, asset tags and other stickers from client are removed and destroyed in order to secure the origin of the items. New Individual barcode labels are generated and attached to manage each unit for further processing. Secured online ePortal system enables client to track the whole process and access reports round the clock.

Various Ways For Disposal. Clients can modify and customize IT hardware disposal service according to their easiness and comfort. Our trained and dedicated staff securely shut down, prepare your IT hardware for cycling and disposal. Ask our staff for various recycling options.